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Project 2: Outreach

Aim: through utilising the disciplines and focus that dance teaches, we provide people in need with an environment that nurtures connection, safety, vulnerability and possibility.

With our everyday struggles we often lose sight of how fortunate we really are. Take this document for example… the very fact you can read it highlights not only how kind life’s lottery can be, but also how easily things could have been different.

Although chances are not shared fairly in life, at La Vérité Dance Projects, we are determined to give them. This is because we know how significantly a person’s journey can be altered, if they are given the right opportunity at the right time. Project 2 focuses on offering these opportunities to the disadvantaged within our community; including those with disabilities, recovering from addiction, victims of abuse, refugees and troubled youth. Through working with multiple levels of government and non-profit organisations, we provide both on and off site programs for the less fortunate among us. Here, individuals can learn and grow through dance, in an environment grounded in connection, safety, vulnerability and possibility.