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Project 3: Health & Wellbeing


Aim: to cultivate each person’s mental and physical awareness through dance, in order to address and manage their challenges.

Dance is fundamentally made up of two elements; the emotional and the physical. Mentally and emotionally, it requires us to express ourselves, encouraging mindfulness, authenticity and vulnerability. These are key elements considered essential for positive mental health.

Combining these benefits with the physical aspects of dance, individuals not only nurture their mental health, but also their fitness as they develop their kinesthetic awareness, strength and flexibility.

It is widely recognised that the world of creative expression offers immense opportunity for both healing and self-discovery. Project 3 utilises this knowledge through dance therapy, providing therapeutic services for groups, couples and individuals within the community. From tackling day-to- day difficulties, mental and physical illness, trauma, and all the in-betweens, our trained staff encourage personal growth through the creative arts.

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