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La Vérité Dance Projects is a collaborative creative arts company founded by Stephanie Georges. With each of its four projects spanning across diverse social and community groups, La Vérité’s dedicated teachers and students come from all walks of life. This diversity is a defining strength of the company, with each member bringing their own experiences and stories to the table as they work towards each project’s goals.

La Vérité Dance Projects teaches the technique and discipline of dance whilst creating a platform for self-discovery and development. This is achieved through its various, often complementary methods of dance classes, community outreach programs and dance therapy. In conjuction with the teaching and application of dance pedagogy, our company of professional performers present regular showcases examining life’s inevitable complexities, struggles and victories.

Our name, La Vérité, is derived from the French word meaning ‘the truth’. We teach, perform and connect through dance because we recognize its potential to explore and comprehend the truth about ourselves. Although daunting, we have found that by presenting this opportunity to explore, our project participants complete their courses with not only elite dance training, but also invaluable personal growth and development. Ultimately, we want to be good to dance and to do good with dance, because when nurtured correctly, dance can do incredible things.