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Class Descriptions

Term Based Classes

Dance Strength and Training
Suitable for all levels of dance and physical capabilities, this class is heavily focused on, but not restricted to, improving posture and gaining strength and flexibility for dance and general fitness. Each week’s class can be modified for individual needs, while always working in a supportive and fun group environment.
Can also attend on a casual basis

Intro to Inter Ballet
Suitable for people who have had some ballet experience or who have recently completed our 6-week Beginners Ballet Course to a comfortable level. This class focuses on challenging and improving your current ballet technique, while while also building on your strength, flexibility and incorporating these skills into your dancing.

Inter Ballet
Suitable for people who have had previous ballet experience and who have a reasonable technical foundation. This class focuses on pushing your ballet skills that bit further through maintaining and improving on your technique while building on your current strength and flexibility.

Intro to Pointe
Suitable for people who have a reasonable technical foundation in ballet. This class focuses on building your strength and technique for pointe work. Each participant can move through the pre-pointe and pointe work at their own pace while being cheered on in a hugely supportive and friendly group.
Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in and regularly attending one of our ballet classes.

Ballet and Contemporary Performance Teams
Our performance teams ultimately work towards one or more choreographed pieces in each class, with the end result being performed in our end of year recital. Along with learning choreography, we also work on performance techniques and related dance techniques within our class time. It’s expected that those participating in our performance teams will be present and participate in classes, rehearsals and performance throughout the year.
All levels of dance are welcome.
Prerequisite for ballet performance team: Must be enrolled in and regularly attending one of our ballet classes.

Intro to Inter Contemporary
Suitable for people who have had some dance experience and are interested in understanding and exploring contemporary dance at a more involved level. This class will challenge your current level of dance while giving you the room to enjoy its process.

Casual Dance and Fitness Classes

Open Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet
Our open level casual classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level dancers with each session tailored to developing your style and skills.

Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates
Our dance and fitness classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and dance ability, with our instructors able to modify your exercise to suit your own personal needs in an open and friendly environment.

Short Courses (6 – 8 weeks)

Beginners Ballet
Suitable for people who have never danced before, are trying ballet for the first time or are returning after a long stint away from dance. This class is great for understanding fundamental aspects of ballet technique, learning terminology, understanding mind to muscle connection, gaining strength and flexibility and understanding musicality in a light hearted but informative and supportive environment.

Intro to Contemporary
A perfect class for people with little to no dance experience, this course is designed to give a gentle introduction into the world of contemporary dance and movement. Each class progresses at a gentle but steady pace, allowing for the development of sound technique and confidence in contemporary dance.
Intro to Argentine Tango

The true street dance of Argentina, the tango is a beautiful, seductive and intricate dance.
This course opens the door to its world, introducing each dancer to its foundations in a light-hearted and open environment.

No dance experience necessary!

Current adults class timetable

Kids and Teen Classes

Styles offered: Contemporary, Ballet (Cecchetti), Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro and Dance
Our kids and teen dance classes teach and develop sound technique while also developing musicality, creativity, strength, flexibility, confidence and a healthy relationship with themselves and their bodies. In an incredibly supportive and fun setting, our kids and teen dance classes explore movement, work on learning choreography, learn how to choreograph and improvise with confidence, all while developing strong technical foundations.

End of year dance concert
All of our kids and teen dance classes participate in our end of year concert, held in late November/early December. These concerts are an exciting opportunity for our students to perform in front of their families and friends, and for families and friends to witness how our dancers have grown and developed over the course of the year.

Tiny Troopers Creative Movement
Our hugely rewarding Creative Movement classes provide a fantastic outlet for young children to explore the tight bonds between emotion, body and self-esteem. Unlike many dance classes for children, these sessions use several art mediums (including dance, singing and stories) as tools to develop personal growth, develop fine motor skills, encourage effective communication, and raise awareness of emotional intelligence and positive body image. We see incredible results for children who participate in these classes, regardless of whether they wish to pursue dance or not. Highly recommended!

Current kids class timetable

Mums and Bubs Classes

*Note offered as 6 weeks courses, term length and casually depending on which class

Mums and Bubs Stretch and Strengthen
For those mums looking to work with the little one in tow, LVDP offer our popular Stretch & Strengthen course!
Come along to work your body, play with your child, and have a laugh over the stories only new kids can bring.

Dance Fit for mums and bubs
A great course to work your body while having fun with your little one.
The course is designed to get you moving and laughing in a great social setting. Work up a sweat with your child and be ready for the day!

Connecting Together
Our “Connecting Together” class provides a dedicated space for parent and child to explore movement, strengthen bonds, and to nurture connection in a safe, supportive setting. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to bring along their little ones, with no previous dance experience required. In these classes, our highly trained staff facilitate shared movement between parent and child, exploring the challenges and discoveries of parenthood, whilst helping to create the community and support to raise our little ones.