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Adult/Open age classes

Beginners Ballet
Suitable for people who have never danced before, are trying ballet for the first time or are returning after a stint away from dance. This class is great for understanding fundamental aspects of ballet technique, learning terminology, understanding mind to muscle connection, strengthening your pelvic floor and gaining strength and flexibility in a light hearted but informative environment.

Ballet Strength
Suitable for all levels of dance and physical capability. This class is tailored to the individual while working in a supportive group environment. It is heavily focused on, but not restricted to gaining strength and flexibility for ballet by working on mind to muscle connection, strengthening your pelvic floor, functional muscle strength, physical alignment and flexibility.

Intro to Inter Ballet/Open Ballet
Suitable for people whom, have had some dance or ballet experience. This class focuses on improving ballet technique, physical alignment, strength and flexibility, and applying them to ballet.

Inter Ballet
Suitable for people who have had previous ballet experience or have recently completely Beginners Ballet to a comfortable level. This class focuses on improving technique and physical alignment while challenging and of course, improving your current strength and flexibility.

Dance Technique
Suitable for people looking to improve their technique where strength, flexibility, alignment, balance and fitness levels are concerned. This class is tailored to allow any level of dancer, from any genre, to challenge their technique in a supportive and informative environment.

Contemporary Foundations
Suitable for people who have never danced before, are returning to dance or are looking for a new way to challenge themselves. This class covers the basic foundations of contemporary and how they relate to contemporary as you progress, while conditioning your muscles for dance and putting it all into a routine.

Intro to Inter Contemporary
Suitable for people who have had some dance experience and are interested in understanding and exploring contemporary at a more involved level. This class will challenge your current status while giving you room to enjoy the dancing.

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Kids classes

Creative Movement
Our hugely rewarding Creative Movement classes provide a fantastic outlet for young children to explore the tight bonds between emotion, body and self-esteem. Unlike many dance classes for children, these sessions use several art mediums (including dance, singing and stories) as tools to develop personal growth, encourage effective communication, and raise awareness to emotional intelligence and positive body image. We see incredible results for children who participate in these classes, regardless of whether they wish to pursue dance or not. Highly recommended!

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Health & Wellbeing

Connecting Together
Our “Connecting Together” class provides a dedicated space for parent and child to explore movement, strengthen bonds, and to nurture connection in a safe, supportive setting. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to bring along their little ones, with no previous dance experience required. In these classes, our highly trained staff facilitate shared movement between parent and child, exploring the challenges and discoveries of parenthood, whilst helping to create the community and support to raise our little ones.

Adult individual counselling sessions